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Please note that I do not sell these books myself. The most recent titles are still in print and available from the relevant publishers. Those titles out of print are usually available from places like fishpond, book depository and amazon.

Teaching Phonics in Context

Teaching PhonicsCo-authored with Lorraine Wilson, this book describes how phonics can be taught as children learn to read and write. The book looks at classrooms that shimmer and shine as children learn phonics through reading picture books, having fun with rhymes, playing with words and writing meaningful texts. It explains how within these contexts children learn the sounds of the English language, the letters of the alphabet, and the relationship between them.

The book also contains ‘teacher knowledge’ sections to provide teachers with the confidence to teach phonics through meaningful reading and writing activities.

Format: Book
Published: 2011 (Pearson Australia)
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Teaching Phonics in Context (USA)

Teaching Phonics in ContextThis is the US edition. It’s the same book as above, but published by the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English).

Available from Amazon or The Book Depository.

Format: Book
Published: 2011 by NCTE
Buy from: Amazon

A Closer Look at Guided Reading

A Closer Look at Guided ReadingA Closer Look at Guided Reading describes clearly and succinctly what guided reading involves and gives practical and authoritative advice on how to incorporate guided reading into a literacy program. In a guided reading session, the teacher helps children use strategies they already know to enable them to read an unfamiliar text. It is a powerful teaching procedure that helps children to effectively develop their reading skills and strategies. It encourages children to become independent readers who choose to read for many different purposes throughout their lives. Guided reading is an important strategy for every reading program.

Winner: ‘The Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing’ teacher reference category.
Format: Book
Published: 2000 (Eleanor Curtain Publishing)
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Planning Curriculum Connections

Planning Curriculum ConnectionsKath Murdoch & David Hornsby

‘Planning Curriculum Connections’ provides a planning model for an integrated curriculum. Issues covered include:

– long-term planning for the whole school and for all subject areas
– planning effective integrated units of work
– planning for effective assessment and evaluation
– planning for teacher learning
– proformas, sample scope and sequence charts, sample activities and timetables

Format: Book
Published: 1997 (Eleanor Curtain Publishing)
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Learning Phonics and Spelling in a Whole Language Classroom

Learning Phonics and Spelling in a Whole Language ClassroomDebbie Powell & David Hornsby

This book explains how phonics and spelling fit within meaning-centered reading and writing experiences. It includes classroom-tested teaching procedures, models and activities to help students make graphophonic connections and gives them the tools they need to become confident, life-long readers and writers.

No longer available from the publisher, but second-hand copies still available on websites like Amazon.com

Format: Book
Published: 1993 (Scholastic NY)

More Novel Approaches: using literature in the classroom (Years 5-8)

More Novel Approaches: using literature in the classroom (Years 5-8)Maureen Ferry, Marie Luxford & David Hornsby

This book was written for teachers of upper primary and junior secondary students. It follows the successful Novel Approaches (see above) and is designed to help teachers with a literature-based program.

The book is no longer available from the publisher, but is sometimes available from websites such as Amazon and Fishpond.

Format: Book
Published: 1990 (Thomas Nelson Australia)

Novel Approaches: using literature in the classroom

Novel Approaches: using literature in the classroomDavid Hornsby, Maureen Ferry & Marie Luxford

This is the first of two books designed to help teachers with a literature program. The teachers’ notes provide practical suggestions for getting started, classroom organisation, introducing themes or titles, questioning, reading conferences and broadening of response.

This book has become more relevant since the introduction of the new Australian Curriculum for English, which elevates literature to its rightful place.

No longer available from the publisher, but available from Fishpond at the time of writing.

Format: Book
Published: 1989 (Thomas Nelson Australia)
Buy from: Fishbpond

David's Earliest Publications

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Multimedia publications

Inside Stories

Inside StoriesInside Stories includes 8 traditional tales on CDs. They can be used on whiteboards or individual computers. They provide lots of opportunities for shared and independent reading and writing. The activities are engaging and highly interactive.



Sounds Great

Sounds GreatSounds Great 1 and Sounds Great 2 are interactive phonics programs. They help children learn phonics in context. The CDs contain simple stories and related, interactive activities. They can be used with an interactive whiteboard or on individual computers.

A third CD contains quizzes for assessment.