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    The future of learning

    By David Hornsby on 16 November 2018

    InsightCreative, 13 Nov 2018.  Visit Wooranna Park Primary School in Dandenong, Melbourne, where learning spaces are rich and engaging...

  • School-Anxiety-Powerful-Things-That-Adults-Can-Do-e1446201099210

    Dealing with school anxiety: powerful things adults can do

    By David Hornsby on 14 November 2018
    0, 13 Nov 2018.  Anxious kids are brave kids. They are creative, thoughtful and have the potential to light...

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    Play-based learning can set your child up for success

    By David Hornsby on 22 February 2018

    The Conversation, 22 Feb 2018.  Research shows that play-based learning enhances academic and developmental learning outcomes, and the development...

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    The joy and sorrow of rereading Holt’s “How Children Learn”

    By David Hornsby on 21 February 2018

    Dr Peter Grey, Psychology Today, 26 Dec 2017.  Grey summarises John Holt’s great insights about children’s learning.  Holt’s book,...

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    Simplistic advice for teachers on how to teach won’t work

    By David Hornsby on 9 November 2017

    The Conversation, 9 Nov 2017.  Essential reading for those enchanted by big data analysis and hoodwinked by ‘effect sizes’...

  • Edn wiped out

    Failure Week

    By David Hornsby on 13 September 2017

    Greg Whitby, 13 Sept 2017.  The education system has turned failure into an illicit activity to be avoided at...

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    What kind of children will we get when we focus on performance rather than learning?

    By David Hornsby on 23 August 2017

    Whitlam Institute, Western Sydney University, 23 August 2017.   In the Whitlam Institute’s latest Perspectives paper, Prof Justine Grønbaek Pors...

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    Why are we STILL stealing childhood?

    By David Hornsby on 3 July 2017

    Maggie Dent, 29 June 2017.  “It staggers me to see the continued push down towards formalised learning in early...

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    Forget flashcards. An expert explains how children learn.

    By David Hornsby on 27 May 2017

    Prof Casey Lew-Williams, Princeton University, 3-10-16.  Play has a serious role in the way young children learn.  Read the...

  • Rich-school-Poor-school

    Educational disadvantage is a huge problem in Australia

    By David Hornsby on 15 March 2017

    The Conversation, 15 March 2017.  The latest reports from two major international assessments of student learning – PISA and...